Ten.Two Hundred & Sixty-Five

1. Watercolor sunrises just like I love. Summer is coming. 

2. From here I can see their bathroom, the light on, and her, from the neck up, blonde bed head.

3. Scones sprinkled with sugar on top. I almost know the recipe by heart now. I think of how I keep saying we're going to go back to eating gluten-free but then I buy a bag of bread flour. 

4. The feeling you get when you realize that it's cleaning day and you'll have the whole house to yourself in all its clean and quiet glory for 3 whole hours. It's the little things. 

5. And you remember that yes, you could stay. 

6. The heat from the oven cleaning itself. How I have to open the back door to let in the fresh spring air as I sweat while I sweep. Out back, the robins have gathered again. A round of robins. Their red breasts seems to be getting larger and larger, stuffed full of whatever it is they've found to nourish them.

7. Today, movement. A vision that I hope doesn't lose steam. 

8. So quiet. 

9. Fresh dill, fresh parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, olive oil and red wine vinegar, a sprinkling of feta, topped with marinated chicken breasts. A glass of rosé.

10. "I auction myself. And I make the highest bid." - Worth, Marilyn Nelson