Ten.Two Hundred & Seventy-Two

1. The owls are near. 

2. I can't see the stars from the bathroom window which means the rains have come. 

3. Scones with a cinnamon glaze. I think, maybe I have lost my old ways of healing.

4. We are not the only ones with the idea of getting there early. It is Spring Break, after all. I decide to jump because I also need to play. I need to remember what it feels like to fly. 

5. I know I will be sore tomorrow but I am grateful for the relative health of this body, that I am young enough to be able to do things like this with them. My main motivation for staying healthy is to be able to cross-over my son.

6. I search for toilet paper holders, cabinet hardware, and light fixtures. 

7. I tell her that I've spent the last few weeks writing up business plans and working on a resume and that none of it feels right. And yet I must do something. I need to do something. What I really want to do is just tend to home.

8. The sound of geese honking as they fly overhead.

9. I get sidetracked by numbers and sheets and forget to start dinner.

10. Riesling and Vouvray, both just a tad sweet, tasting like summer.