Ten.Two Hundred & Seventy-One

1. Her light is already on and it's not yet 6am.

2. The sound of glass breaking as it tumbles into the recycle truck. Night seems to want to stick around.

3. She's writing a story on my computer and though there is work I ought to get done, I don't want to break her away. I was her, twenty-something years ago on my mother's word processor writing story after story.

4. Mary Oliver's book on the craft of poetry. Some of these terms sound foreign to me but I appreciate her point, which is that even in these days of free form poetry, there is still an art to crafting a poem that's worthwhile.

5. Every choice matters. 

6. The robins seem to be creeping in. 

7. One large swatch of yellow light in the hallway that feels restorative. 

8. I am feeling restless. I start over. None of this feels right. 

9. We argue over ripening and brix and then realize that maybe we both mean the same thing. 

10. Still, the Malbec from Cafayate Valley in Salta, Argentina is a great pairing with tonight's steak and chimichurri.