Ten.Two Hundred & Seventy-Four

1. Usually the morning sky has a way of slowly unfolding itself but today, it's quietly erupting in shades of purple and orange and pink.

2. I'm trying not to be upset about it. Because it's really not his fault and yet it is. But it means that I have to do today alone and it feels unfair.

3. Bacon. Leftover bagels. But they're still sleeping.

4. This morning's method of distraction appears to be searching for pendant lighting. 

5. We find him a chiropractor who take him this morning. He's better, but not at his best. He promises that he's not doing to ditch me today. I do feel better with this acknowledgement. 

6. Her vision is changing. As long as there is no rapid progression, there is no need to be concerned. 

7. You can tell by the way he engages with you that this job, this job that most of us would not want to do, brings him pleasure. He radiates joy, tells us we should go see Black Panther. 

8. A Wrinkle In Time.

9. Love is always the answer. 

10. A late dinner of chicken noodle soup eaten around the counter.

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