Ten.Two Hundred & Fifty-Six

1. Not just dark, but pitch black. 

2. Sky clear enough to see the sliver of moon glowing yellow-white. I can even see craters with the naked eye. It changes you if you let it.

3. I didn't plan this morning very well. No time to write my morning pages before they descend upon me. They begin to slap containers on the counter as I grind coffee beans, heat water, line strips of bacon onto the sheet  pan. 

4. I would have baked something but I keep forgetting to buy sugar. 

5. Tuesdays bring me a quiet kind of joy. I don't take the luxury of this kind of time for granted. 

6. Home now. Unable to focus. This is a thing that is happening too much these days. No. It's not that I am unable to focus. It's that there are the things that need doing versus the things I want to be doing and so I sit and do neither. Awareness and avoidance. 

7. Garden daydreams. I think I'll build a box or two. Spread wildflowers along the edge of the property for color and cutting. The plan had always been to use only native plants. Plus I want more butterflies. 

8. "Where is the path? / Please tell me. / Does a gazelle have a path? / Is the whole air the path of the gazelle?" - Naomi Shihab Nye, 19 Varieties of Gazelles

9. I keep thinking about tiny and small. My life is such that most things I do are done in tiny and small pockets of time. I am always trying to fight this — this kind of contract way of being. 

10. It's stopped snowing now and the wind has calmed down. To my left is sunset. Deep, saturated colors of blue and red and orange. I've been waiting for this.