Ten.Two Hundred & Fifty-Seven

1. The owls are somewhere off in the distance. One or two. I can't quite tell. I enjoy their presence. They always bring good messages. 

2. I am trying to keep distance. And by that, I mean making sure to separate feeling from fact, what's heard versus what's actually said.

3. The coffee shop is pretty. Grays and blacks and golds and stained wood. Yellow-orange glow from Edison bulbs along the wall. Coffee beans stuffed into brown paper bags. 

4. Latte made with oat milk. It's creamy but a little bitter. We don't have much time together this morning but this hour sweetens the day. 

5. The three of us on the screen talking puppy-people training, art supplies, and travel arrangements. 

6. The sun today is a good and healing kind of sun. The kind of sun that temporarily washes away worry. On the floor, on this side of the bed, it feels a little more safe. 

7. I have a feeling that there are many things that need ending. 

8. Potato & leek soup. Baked chicken thighs. It's a simple enough meal. Filling. Even the 6 year-old eats the soup. But who wouldn't eat soup that has bacon crumbles.

9. Back at the computer but I know that I had to ride this spike of energy for as long as I can. They are so few and far between these days. 

10. Making space.