Ten.Two Hundred & Fifty-Four

1. Bacon and eggs for breakfast today. English muffins too if they want them. I originally thought I'd bake scones but I don't have it in me this morning. Plus I'm already wearing black pants. 

2. Oh yes, time changed. I need to keep moving. 

3. One cup of coffee in the sun while I sit at the desk. If only we could find a way to share this space. I feel good in here. 

4. I've never been to this part of Oak Park before. The street I'm on reminds me of the old neighborhood: tall trees, browned hydrangea, Four-squares and Victorians with large porches. I miss my walks.

5. One thing you never want to happen is for your camera to stop working when you're out on a photo shoot. It takes me a few minutes to re-calibrate. A final hard reset seems to do the trick. 

6. I love the light in this apartment. And the trim. The old hardwood floors. The fireplace flanked by built-in shelving. I love places with a story. 

7. Roast chicken, roasted potatoes with a garlic aoili (I hope), salad. 5:15 in the evening and the sun has yet to show any signs of quitting. So ready for spring.

8. I go through my pictures and notice that the Exit sign is green. I think it odd. I rarely see green exit signs. Leaving gets such a bad rap. I wonder how much lighter some of us would feel if we were given permission to leave.

9. In my pages I pray for patience and energy to carry me through this week. I mention that there is some pieces of the foundation that need to be rebuilt but the materials have yet to reveal themselves to me. 

10. Drink more water.