Ten.Two Hundred & Twenty-Three

1. There won't be much sunshine today.

2. I sit in the car and listen to the old school hip-hop and R&B station while I wait for the grocery store to open. The lot is full of others like me who want to stock up before the snow comes.

3. Waiting for the call info, cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry, appreciating the quiet.

4.  Chili over tortilla chips and cheddar.

5. I choose a creamy tomato soup and grilled cheese. Onions cooked in butter. add flour and stir until gold in color. Diced tomatoes, chicken stock, salt, sugar, celery salt. It already smells sweet and savory.

6. Back to flashcards. I want to pass it this year.

7. They've already called off school for tomorrow. I'm thinking of the snow that will not quit. They did say that there would be a lot of snow this winter. I still have not bought him boots.

8. Despite the slowness of this day, I can feel the cold coming on.

9. Two bowls and a couple slices of toasted and buttered bread because I don't eat grilled cheese.

10. The snow is here.