Ten.Two Hundred & Twenty-Six

1. Almost 7. I like this sleeping in thing even though I feel like so much of my morning is wasted.

2. The little ones are begging me for food. I decide to make muffins. I hope those will make them happy this morning. 

3. I'm moving slowly. Better than I was but not as good as I could be. This time he's doing the shoveling. I'm grateful that I didn't have to ask.

4. While the muffins bake I go back upstairs to make my bed, tell the boys to clean their rooms, and do a quick clean of the kitchen.

5. Coffee. I take it upstairs and get back under the covers. Just for a few more moments.

6. I feel better once I write my morning pages. Still overwhelmed, but better. 

7. I find a babysitter for Valentine's Day. 

8. Another dentist appointment in the morning. I hope the Novocaine wears off before my call at 10.

9. I wonder how they'll remember me. Do I still have time to smile more and laugh more so that what they remember is a mother who made them lots of delicious food and was also happy? Is there still time to lightly erase all of those moments where I was short-tempered, lacking patience? Will they be able to know that the constant furrowing of my brow had nothing to do with them but was an outward manifestation of my own inner-workings? Will they come to understand that I was always trying to do my best?

10. I tried. But sponsored content is just not for me. It's not what I'm here for. What am I here for?