Ten.Two Hundred & Twenty-One

1. There is only a light dusting of snow. Not enough for me to shovel. So I head out to the store.

2. Pre-dawn shopping trips should not be my new normal. 

3. But today is going to be a sunny day and I am glad to know that. It's also Tuesday.

4. Everyone seems to be quite pleased with cereal and milk for breakfast after yesterday's bacon and toast debacle. It's the little things I suppose.

5. Corners of the kitchen are glowing electric orange. I try to capture them with my phone but it doesn't look quite the same and I give up and just let myself enjoy them. 

6. I am more hungry than I realize. 

7. Eater Chicago did a short blurb on Black F&B and I am excited to see the coverage. It's exciting to see your work in major publications. And yet I'm still having dreams about inadequacy. 

8. I keep thinking about the dream because it was so odd and so unlike anything. Rooms bathes in dusty pink light, pink chairs, gold jackets. 

9. We use the Olive Garden gift card to get take-out for dinner tonight. My vision is a little blurry and my heart hurts a little bit. I think I am just drained. Too many late nights these past couple of weeks. 

10. I feel a cold starting. More rest. More ginger and cinnamon tea. More quiet.