Ten.Two Hundred & Twenty-Four

1. He tells me that it's 7 o'clock. 

2. Pale gray light fills the room and it is quiet. 

3. Downstairs the children are watching Netflix on an iPad and eating cereal without milk.

4. I take a big glass of warm lemon water and a big mug of ginger tea back up to bed. I fall asleep. 

5. The doorbell rings and I come downstairs. She wants to know if my daughter can come play in the snow. Her parents, my neighbors, are shoveling my driveway. I yell as much gratitude as I can with my squeaky voice. I feel guilty. Guilty but primarily grateful. 

6. More ginger tea and back to sleep.

7. Twilight Zone. Warm lemon water. Back to sleep.

8. The snow has started again. Warm lemon water. Back to sleep.

9. Leftover tomato soup for dinner. Cornbread with a sliver of butter stuffed inside. One glass of Merlot and 3 glasses of water. 

10. Shower. Back to sleep.