Ten.Two Hundred & Twenty-Five

1. Late.  

2. Again, they complain about bacon and pancakes. I am confused.  

3. Another 2 inches or so has fallen since they shoveled yesterday afternoon. I decide to just go ahead and do it. We have two basketball games to coach. But I am moving slow and the pain in my fingers starts to settle in quickly.1

4. I ask him if he minds that I skip today’s game to rest. He says “no.” I still feel guilty.  

5. Warm lemon water. Hot ginger tea. Twilight Zone. Back to sleep.  

6. I warm up a bowl of soup to eat before I need to leave.  

7. The sky is still so uninviting.  

8. I tell her that the toughness of her week is not her own fault, but winter’s. It’s winter and it’s Febraury. She says she felt trapped. It’s only her second February here in Illinois. I think back to how I, too, felt trapped for so many years. It took me 6 or 7 years to get over how much I dislike winter. I know the way depression sets in. 

9. She’s looking for a friend. I need to make time for her.  

10. I want to go back to sleep.