Ten.Two Hundred & Twenty-Eight

1. I already see lights on in the bedrooms but decide to ignore it and head downstairs.

2. She want's to start making her lunch at 6:06 am. I send her back upstairs until 6:30. Can I at least get until 6:30?!

3. The sky is on fire but thick strips of gray hide it in places. No sunshine today. At least not the bright, sparkling kind.

4. Today is a full day. I'm grateful that it begins with Mom's group. I just need this reprieve in my day. This little stretch of time that greatly improves my week. 

5. "Efforts to deepen your focus will struggle if you don't simultaneously wean your mind from a dependence on distraction." - Cal Newport, Deep Work

6. All I see is the mess on the counter still left from breakfast. And the pile of papers that need to be sorted and then taken downstairs. And the crumbs on the floor. 

7. I know that in the box is "Sabbath" by Wayne Muller. I've wanted to pick it up since seeing it at Rachel's during the retreat in Tucson. It feels like a right read. I'm trying not to put too many expectations on my trip, but I have a feeling I'm going to be very changed.

8. One big gym with a lot of yelling dads and screaming kids. You can see on their faces that they are having a hard time focusing. I am too. 

9. We play with haiku during the first part of the call. Then muse on love. "Justice is what love looks like in action." - Cornel West. What does my love look like in action? How am I living love in its fullness? 

10. I know that tomorrow is another full day. I can make breakfast, then braid my hair, and then start the spaghetti sauce. Yes. Then clean before I have to take them to school—I can at least get the toilets done?—and then go straight to my hair appointment. Hopefully I'll have time to pick up a new water canteen and a pair of leggings before I have to get the kids from school. Oh, must check in with the babysitter too. I need to re-do her hair after school so that it looks decent for the dance on Friday. Also double-check the rental car. I think it's good that I'm about to go away for awhile.