Ten.Two Hundred & Twenty

1. I am a little late coming downstairs. The light is already here. 

2. Light gray. Dusty rose. Pale blue.  

3. No one is happy about bacon and toast for breakfast again. I’m also out of sliced cheese.  They are killing my vibe. 

4. There is not enough coffee to keep me warm.

5. Fever Dreams.  

6. The snow is just beginning. I am wishing for basketball to be cancelled. I am wishing for winter to be over.  

7. I make him a cheese quesadilla and keep refreshing my email to see if practice will be cancelled.  

8. The snow is light but there is still a lot of it. 

9. I drive with my hands gripped around the steering wheel. Everyone is moving so slowly. I can’t see the lines in the road.  

10. I pull the van in the garage and then get out to shovel again. The neighbors next door are also out. So is the guy three doors down. If I have to be out here, at least I’m not out here alone. The snow is glittering like diamonds.