Ten.Two Hundred & Thirty-Three

1. Up.  

2. She tells me that I’m the most elegant person she’s ever seen this early in the morning. I laugh. It’s really just the lighting in this space. Can’t have people walking around trying to be mindful if they’re being too vein.

3. The air this morning has more bite to it. 

4. At the end of breakfast I walk with threee white men to meditation with Sylvia Boorstein. The room itself is made up of meditators of all genders and ages and ethnicities.  

5. As I begin my intentional breath I begin to see purples and greens and then yellows before the space behind my eyes becomes blindingly white.   

6. Sylvie is from Toulouse and just now finding the power that comes from giving written voce to her story. 

7. Marilyn Nelson reading poetry is just ... it brings me to a place of wordlessness.  

8. Seth Godin.  

9. I warm my hand by the fire. It is strange to feel surrounded and yet alone, to be connected and yet feel so separate.  

10. I still am not sure how I got here or why I was selected but I have let these last few days change me, which means I am going to be changing my days.