Ten.Two Hundred & Thirty-Three

1. Awake but afraid to disturb my roommate who happens to also be from Chicago and incredibly cool.  

2. What do city CFOs, educational consultants, radiologists, and writers have in common? 

3. What we all have in common is being human.  

4. I keep seeing Seth Godin in the dining hall. 

5. I manage to have a quiet moment in the amphitheater tucked away in the redwoods. I eat my apple. Listen to the sound of the stream.  

6. The amount of mental stimulation is exhausting. The conversations are weighty. Everyone is so captivating.  

7. I find myself spending a lot of time self-validating—reminding myself that I was chosen to be here for a reason even though in comparison my accomplishments seem so small.   

8. This tool for discernment is one to share.  

9. The stars. My god, the stars. I want to tell him that I’m feeling an immense sadness. A fear that this will not work out after all. That we’ve wasted so much energy and time —ours and other’s. That I want so badly to be here that the thought of it falling apart pains me.

10. I hear myself use this one phrase over and over. An elevator pitch I wrote some time ago. Watching is land is an interesting experience. I still don’t know if I belong in these rooms.