Ten.Two Hundred & Thirty-Seven

1. The upside to these braids is that I don’t have to do much else in the morning.

2. There are two owls and they are very loud. I think of them as messengers in this time of my life where I need to trust my own wisdom the most. 

3. Him taking the kids to school feels as good as a massage.  

4. I don’t like how unready I feel to be back home. I can’t think of what to make for us to eat. The mess has scattered itself around the house and there is not one clean corner. I take my bloated belly back to bed.

5. I meditate for 15 minutes in hopes that this will fix it.  

6. Fever Dreams.  

7. Blankness.  

8. But maybe I ought to just be a poet.  

9. Unfollow. Unfollow. Unfollow.  

10.  “Sabbath dissolves the artificial urgency of our days, because it liberates us from the need to be finished.”