Ten.Two Hundred & Thirty-One

1. I wake up a little later than I intended to but the light is just now starting to come into the room. 

2. They’re FaceTime-ing me at 6:30am. Time zones. They are in the car and on their way to school.  

3. I take my time getting ready. The light from the skylight in the bathroom makes me smile.

4. I grab a big mug, cream in color and speckled. Hot water for tea.  

5. The three of us in the booth talking about the places in which we live, how motherhood changes you. How it changes everything.

6. So much sun.  

7. I find a Target to get some shoes for the shower. And a few bananas in case I get hungry before bed.  

8. It’s so warm I’m sweating as I roll my bag to the room.  

9. I write that I’m very teary today. Crying about almost everything.  

10. We hold hands because we are braided together just like the challah we are about to partake of.  

10.1 Byron introduces me to Parker Palmer before we sit down for dinner. And a young woman, Mariah, who happens to be a senior editor for the On Being blog joins us. And it is a lovely conversation and I tear up talking about how overwhelmingly grateful I am. 

10.2 I think there will be a lot of tears this weekend.  

10.3 Krista Tippet and David Whyte.