Ten.Two Hundred & Thirty-Nine

1. I let myself sleep in a little because maybe I just need it. 

2. We piece together breakfast from whatever is in the pantry and fridge. They don’t like to eat this way but I like that it demands some creativity.  

3. My coffee spills all over the gym floor.  

4. We win by a decent margin. Equally matched, we just made most of our shots.  

5. I’m still tired. My eyes feel heavy. I am wondering if it’s something else going on. This degree of fatigue feels abnormal. But there is also no sun again. I need the sun.

6. The dad-coach is yelling in a way that is threatening. As if he is ready to fight the referee. They T him up and make him get off the floor. You can feel the air go out of the room. Everyone too afraid and embarrassed and in shock. It’s 4th-grade basketball. None of this really matters. 

7. I’ve overbooked myself. Done the exact opposite of what I need most.  

8. Half the hair in a bun. Red lipstick. I ask for the Malvasia and Sauvignon Blanc blend but I think he accidentally brought me the Riesling. 

9. Fed.

10. I need one more day.