Ten.Two Hundred & Thirty-Eight

1. The weight of this gray. 

2. Jordan Marsh’s Blueberry Muffins. I make some without the blueberries for the younger ones. They are missing out.  

3. I go back to bed with coffee and Sabbath. My eyes are heavy.  

4. I listen to an episode of On Being on my way to Riverside for a photo shoot. It’s a woman who explores the deep ocean. She also doesn’t eat fish. I find it funny but it makes sense. What do we change about our way of being as our awareness changes? What sacrifices are we willing to make? 

5. It’s windy and cold. My fingers are getting numb and I’m fumbling with the controls on my camera.  

6. Sips of earl gray between outfit changes. 

7. She pulls the dreamer card for me. How fitting.  

8. I can barely keep my eyes open for this drive home. Borderline dangerous. 

9. I tell him that maybe the fatigue is still a residual effect of the sinus infection from the week before. Maybey body is just asking for more time to heal.  

10. But there is no extra time. I’m back on a plane again in less than a week. There is a whole house that needs care and attention. There are five bodies that need to be fed and hydrated. There are people and projects to whom I wish to give whole-hearted attention.