Ten.Two Hundred & Sixteen

1. This morning the sky is clear and the moon is still so full and bright.

2. I toss up a few prayers to just get myself through the morning. 

3. He takes the kids to school and I pour myself another cup of coffee before heading down to the basement. The floor is cold. 

4. I still wasn't able to get it all done. One day I will learn to be okay with "good enough." 

5. We don't have a clear connection. The clearest connection I have is outside on the front porch. It's cold. I don't have time to grab my jacket. I don't want to frustrate the reporter by going in and out, cutting in and out. My mind is elsewhere right now and I hope that whatever I'm saying makes sense. 

6. Stay present. 

7. It's only Thursday. I mean, I'm glad that it's Thursday and not Wednesday because I need some quiet corners. I need a sleepy Sunday. 

8. Balancing Act. I do choose this one because the name of it makes me laugh. Because there is no such thing as balance in life. I'm okay with there never being balance. With understanding that the tide is always turning. I'm getting better at riding the waves.

9. She tells me that her friend just registered for the retreat. I go to check the email and see that yes, one more woman is going. Which means there is only one spot remaining. I text her back that I'm crying in my kitchen. I'm crying because it's been a stressful January but also because of the women who have said "yes." Because of how all of them are helping me realize a dream that's been 7 years in the making.

10. Chicken tacos are still my favorite thing to eat.

10.1 I can feel the cold coming in from the fireplace. The low tonight will be 5 degrees. It's as if February wants to remind us that it's still winter. Don't get to comfortable. Thirteen more days until On Being. Twenty-four more days until Napa. Eighty-two more days until Fever Dreams Collective.