Ten.Two Hundred & Seventeen

1. There is that glow coming over the rooftops. 

2. After yesterday, today is going to be a breeze. Emotionally, I mean. There is still work to do but this time it's fun. 

3. It's bright, but cold. 

4. I head to the basement to work. It is cold. I plug in the heater, turn on the music and then run back upstairs for more coffee to keep me warm. 

5. I manage to shoot, upload, and edit in a little over an hour which means that I should be able to do more product photography this quickly. I may need to follow this thread. 

6. I grab the Momofuku cookbook because I'm craving something Asian-inspired. I settle on a hanger steak recipe. I will make this on Sunday. Tonight will be beef stroganoff. This kind of weather asks for something simple, comforting, hearty. 

7. I think it's fair to say that we're both disappointed. 

8. I am still tired. My brain still hurts. I am trying to figure out how to keep moving. 

9. How many more times will we have to repeat this?

10. Basketball tomorrow. I don't know what to make for breakfast. California soon. I'll be warm again soon. I'm so tired. Maybe I need to get off the coffee again? California soon. California soon.