Ten.Two Hundred & Forty-Three

1. Only 2.5 hours of sleep. I’ll get better at this.  

2. Not only is he early but he’s also not talking and there’s old school R&B playing. It’s the perfect kind of 5am taxi ride. 

3. I decide to stand for 30 minutes before boarding begins to combat the 4.5 hours of sitting that is ahead of me. 1 liter of water. Set intentions for this weekend.  

4. She tells me that I’m the first person in the last three flights to say “please,” and so she gives me my meal for free. That can’t possibly be true—no one has the decency to say please? I listen as the attendants come by and make their offers and passengers make their requests. And she’s right: nary a “please” or “thank you.”

5. How do we learn how to live together again? 

6. Oxbow market with Amanda. I opt for a green juice over food because my belly feels odd after so much travel.  

7. Charred trunks. Chopped trunks. The juxtaposition of new life and that which was consumed by fire.   

8. I ask him for a table for one, not at the bar, but in the dining room by a window where I can read in peace.  

9. But this place does feel like home. 

10. Champagne. Vegan truffled  potato and leek soul. Vegan stuffed deliata squash. Gluten free apple crumble. First ever glass of Tokaji. Decaf coffee. Letting myself almost fall asleep at the table.