Ten.Two Hundred & Forty

1. I try to take her advice and let myself sleep in again. I keep hearing voices near my ear: “What’s for breakfast?”

2. In my dream I couldn’t escape. I just kept running down the stairs trying to go out the exit doors but none of them would open. Down and down and down and none of the doors would open.

3. Why do I feel trapped? 

4. He needs jeans and a backpack and they need new shoes.  

5. I have no meal plan but just buy all of the things that I think he could use to make the kids meals for the week. 

6. I leave in three days.  

7. The way the sun in lighting up the house all over. I needed this. I needed this light and the clean and the quiet. But really I needed the sun.

8. But I’m still tired. 

9. I tell him that I had a really hard time eating my steak today. Because maybe it really does matter to me now.  

10. I want something sweet.