Ten.Two Hundred & Eighteen

1. I thought I was going to sleep in today. Maybe tomorrow. 

2. Someone has bought the last spot. And it's a someone we'd been hoping could come since the beginning. I'm grateful she will be with us. What I love about these in-person experiences is that I'm often getting to finally hug the people I've been emoji-kissing for years and years. 

3. I still have no idea what to make for breakfast. I send them out for donuts. 

4. The coffee doesn't taste good this morning. Maybe I'm just feeling discombobulated. 

5. Team pictures before the game. 

6. The ref comes over to me and asks me how last week went. I tell him about the dad-coach from the other team. He tells me that next time that happens, I need to tell him. Basically, he lets me know that he's on my side. My faith is renewed. I'm glad last week's behavior didn't go unnoticed. 

7. Home just long enough to make and eat a BLT before the next game.  

8. They lose in the way that’s hard to watch—not because they were out-skilled but because they were out-played. They didn’t show up. Where am I not showing up?  

9. Roasted chicken and William Fevre Chablis.  

10. We go over the schedule for On Being. It’s a full day of conversations, meals, and break out sessions with people from some of my favorite podcast episodes. And I can go meditate with Sylvia Boorstein. He laughs at how giddy I am.