Ten.Five Hundred & Twenty-One

1. His alarm is going off. “Oh, it’s 6 o’clock!”  

2. The youngest one has already beat me to the kitchen. “Will you please cut my apple,” he says with a jig. He always has a jig. 

3. Imagine Dragons station as we roll out of the driveway. 

4. Their voices and their faces on this Tuesday. It is the same but also not. And yet I needed it more than I realized. 

5. No sun and so today the hills look more gray than brown.  

6. La Note. 

7. I miss this kind of buzz. Youthful energy.  

8. This new pick-up strategy didn’t work. We all agree to go back to the old way.  

9. Back to flash card life. 

10. She makes me promise to wake her up at 6:05. I will probably regret agreeing to this. But the way she smiled at me made it so hard to resist.