Ten.Five Hundred & Twenty

1. How is he always beating me to the kitchen? 

2. Pre-make the waffle mix so it’s ready to go. Realize that it’s in a box that’s still taped up. There is still unpacking to do.

3. I keep saying that I’ll quit but there really isn’t a replacement for this. At least I’m down to 1.5 mugs a day.  

4. I could really go for that Apple and cherry galette right now. 

5. I grab a lemon off the ground. It’s not too soft yet. I reach up and tug on the ones that look the most yellow but none seem ready to release themselves. I check the oranges and pomelos, think about what I could put in containers in the back corner.

6. The light. The light. 

7. Warmed tomatoes and feta on the porch with flash cards.

8. The afternoon comes too soon. 

9. Fraud alert.  

10. I do want to do that.