Ten.Five Hundred & Thirty

1. What time is it? 

2. Move the elf.  

3. Gratitude for extra muffins that can be reheated for today’s breakfast.  

4. We take a quick walk. We find the river which is not a river but a creek—and a very dry one at that.  

5. He says that he’s not doing too bad considering he’s a grandpa with two grandsons in the backseat of his Prius. I wish him good luck. He says, “Thank you! I need it.” People here are so damn nice.  

6. I don’t mind having a “job” if it means getting to make a beautiful drive like this every day. 

7. What a beautiful place to work.  

8. Jack in the box. Never again. Now I remember why I never ate here in high school.

9. He didn’t have that great of a time on his field trip. But he’s excited to show me the pictures that he took of the Golden Gate Bridge and Berkeley. I think of the text message he wrote to me thanking me for moving him to California. I think he really does like it here even if the field trip was a bust. 

10. More Pinot Noir from Alsace. They all talk with their hands. Where do they get that from?

10.1 Fireplace. Christmas music. Stockings. Just the two of us.