Ten.Five Hundred & Nineteen

1. I should still be the only one awake.  

2. The elf.  

3. I put my donut on a plate and she asks me why I’m putting it in the microwave. “Oh yeah, the only proper way to eat a Krispy Kreme donut is hot.” 

4. The light. The light. December and all this light. Not just the light but also the warmth. 

5. I keep thinking about how he said my life looks so fascinating. I suppose, in a way, it is. But it still makes me want to rush to Instagram and make some sort of disclaimer: “Object is messier than she appears!”

6. We drive to the library but it’s closed. The façade looks new. I hope they pumped it up full of good books and reading spaces.  

7. Rectangles of light on the dining room floor. I walk back to the door and step outside, barefoot, no coat. The warmth feels good. I sit down in the chair, close my eyes, and throw my head back.  

8. This is a thing one could cry over.  

9. I see the dissonance in my thoughts and now I can transform it.  

10. That’s what I want. A hype squad.