Ten.Five Hundred & Twenty-Two

  1. He’s already here. Again.

  2. I understand the problem now. They miss all the free time in the morning before going to school. So the plan is to get up earlier and earlier. I need to figure out a solution to this.

  3. Rainy morning. LIght is slowly coming.

  4. I look back and then remember he is not with me but I still hear his voice singing along. He will always sing along with me.

  5. She tells me that she can see the joy radiating out of me. I believe her. I can feel it. I feel different.

  6. I keep reminding myself that it’s an early day. Don’t forget it’s an early day.

  7. 925. Livermore. I should probably answer this.

  8. I don’t like shopping. Love clothes. Dislike shopping. I wish someone else could do this for me. But I find a pair of black booties, plus a $20 coupon in my email, plus $15 left on a gift card.

  9. I feel like I can do anything.

  10. She ends me an email with a list of her favorite things in the bay area and it’s the kind of thing that is so thoughtful that it makes little tears form at the corner of my eye. The sweetness of it is overwhelming and maybe it’s just because I’m up way past my bed time.