Ten.Five Hundred & Twenty-Three

  1. It’s a different one this time.

  2. I’m too preoccupied about the interview today. I’m just walking around in circles.

  3. Well that’s a first.

  4. The sink just keeps filling with water and nothing is going down. I’m trying not to yell at them because it’s not them. It’s that the sink is filling with water and it won’t go down.

  5. Blazer? Sweater? Neither? Blazer. Yes. Blazer. Is the white and black and gray too boring? He told me to just be myself.

  6. Bright blue sky. The hills that line Vasco Road are beginning to turn green. The cows are getting fatter.

  7. Okay. I think I can do this.

  8. “How did your job interview go?” I think this means I’m doing something right with him. I’m trying to hide the tears from the almost-11-year-old but it feels like a big deal that he remembered. I tell him that I got the job. He congratulates me. This is one of the things you aren’t prepared for as a parent.

  9. I see his post and I’m a little embarrassed. But it’s sweet that he’s so proud and excited for me.

  10. His turn tomorrow.