Ten.Five Hundred & Twenty-Seven

  1. Please let it not be time to get up already. Oh, just. 1:04 am. I can go back to bed.

  2. It’s just me. I set out the cinnamon bread from Trader Joes, plates, the toaster, softened butter, a bowl of grapes, a cut up apple. The extra effort is worth it. This is the first time we’ve all sat down to eat breakfast together in a long time.

  3. Today, he leaves before we do.

  4. It says there’s a 24 minute slow down but that I’m still on the fastest route.

  5. And then there’s a turbine. The fog is still so thick and for a minute I feel like the earth is being invaded by giant aliens.

  6. The cows are right up against the fence.

  7. Not perfection, but excellence.

  8. More flashcards. She asks me if I’m ready to be tested yet. No, not yet. I tell her to give me a few more weeks and then we can start.

  9. The chicken parmigiana is a little bland. Needed more salt. But I’m the only one who seemed to notice. He picked a good night to be gone for dinner.

  10. There is room for everything.