Ten.Five Hundred & Twenty-Four

  1. What the…why are all of them awake?

  2. I am trying to make breakfast but the three of them are also trying to make lunch and for as big as this space is the kitchen is smaller than the old house. All of us trying to do this work at the same time is just chaos.

  3. I keep looking at the clock. I still haven’t made coffee yet.

  4. They all wanted to get to school early and so now I’m back home by 8 am.

  5. The acorns don’t look like the kinds of acorns we’re used to seeing. This plant here looks like a bunch of cat tails made out of succulents. Their yard is full of containers full of all kinds of plants. That’s what we can do.

  6. The drive to Oakland is easy. An hour, but easy. Then again, he’s the one doing the driving.

  7. Baby snuggles. I do miss it. And I also don’t. But oh, to hold a little baby again. He will tell me that we should have had one more.

  8. The shrimp taco is the best. The three of them know each other and they sit down at our table and make small talk and before we leave.

  9. I buy a cookbook from him. He tells us that he was the Chef at Chez Panisse. I don’t know the name but I do love a good story and a cookbook.

  10. I decide we’ll try the greens with garlic cloves and pancetta. Pork tenderloin with a dijon cream sauce. Roasted fingerling potatoes. Cote-de-Brouilly.