Ten.Five Hundred & Twenty-Five

  1. The three of them on the sofa watching a television show. Is it even 6 am yet?

  2. Scones. I stick the butter in the freezer and set out the flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, cream.

  3. Sometimes, the more crumbly, the better.

  4. The heat of the coffee in my hands. Fog all around.

  5. We have an owl. A real owl this time. It’s staring at us. Us at it.

  6. Just a few miles down the highway and the sun begins to break through.

  7. From the bridge we see sailboats and military ships. Oh, that was an island. Treasure island.

  8. Fat pigeons. One glass of Malbec. Cheeseburger and fries.

  9. We can’t find parking. Newbies. We go home without having achieved the goal. I relax into the reality of it. We came all this way and all I got to do was eat a burger. But it only takes us an hour to get home. And this is reassuring.

  10. “…and you’re the sky.”