Ten.Five Hundred & Thirty-Two

  1. 5:30 and I catch him on the computer watching Fortnite videos on Youtube. I send him back to bed.

  2. I try to shut my eyes but I can’t. Nerves, maybe?

  3. I wonder how many more years I’ll get these kinds of hugs from her.

  4. Pink clouds at sunrise.

    5. The fog in the hills. Feels like I’m driving through a dream. To a dream? It’s all very dreamy.  

    6. Of course I’m workng with him. He’s the one who knows everything.  

    7. I accidentally give them too much wine. But now I know how to poor correctly.  

    8. The joy of getting to serve a group of black women on my first day. High fives, laughter, and an invite to come eat with them next time they’re in town. 

    9. This was a good idea.  

    10. Sore feet but a grateful heart. Seeing how everything I’ve done, am doing, and want to do is connected.  

    10.1 I need to start Christmas shopping.