Ten.Five Hundred & Thirty-Six

  1. It’s nice to have a morning where I can get dressed in the light.

  2. There’s not enough sugar for her to make pavlovas for her teacher. I promise that we’ll do it today after school. Must buy more sugar.

  3. Short day. Second-to-last day before school is out for break. Trying not to stress out about all that remains on the to-do list.

  4. We left a little too early and so he and I just sit in the car, listening to music while he plays wordscapes on my phone.

  5. I keep getting onto the wrong Highway 4 ramp.

  6. The fog is still sitting on top of the hills. Before me are shades of orange, red, brown, green, gray. The black cows dot the hills, some of them so close to the fence on the highway. Every new crest brings a different view. I feel like I’m driving through a movie.

  7. Oh, yes. We should do this. Because we really can do this and do it well.

  8. The mixer is still going. They’re going to overbeat those egg whites.

  9. Bordeaux from Pauillac. Steak and veggies.

  10. “What’s your schedule for tomorrow?” “I’m with you tomorrow.”