Ten.Five Hundred & Thirty-Seven

  1. Thursday. The last day before they get out on break. I feel unprepared.

  2. Quick run for donuts. Seems like I’m not the only one needing to do this. The person before me gets 3 dozen. The person before her got 5 dozen. I feel a little bit better about my 2.

  3. We drop them all off at school and head out to complete that last bit of shopping that needs to be done.

  4. Didn’t get the coffee into the system early enough.

  5. It’s only 10:30 but we are done. I slip into leggings and under the covers, tea in hand, headache still pressing against the side of the skull.

  6. The grayness is a blanket over everything.

  7. How do I feel like this all of the time? I want to feel like this all of the time.

  8. Is this what maturity is? Is this what growth is? Is this what feels like to emerge into womanhood?

  9. But I can do whatever I want. Because this is my body.

  10. And so it begins.