Ten.Five Hundred & Thirty-One

  1. The glow of the amaryllis.

  2. Almost 7:15 and I still haven’t had my coffee yet.

  3. We are all forgetting things. Time to bring back the checklists.

  4. We head towards the trail. Feather. Two white cranes in flight along the creek. It feels like medicine to me. A leaf the size of my face. I now hold that and the feather in my hands. Then we each pick up a large, smoothe nut of some kind. Let’s figure out what this is.

  5. I am always seeing something new.

  6. Wine delivery. Two bottles of rosé with a gorgeous leather carrying case. The color of the wine is a pale rose gold. I stick one in the fridge to chill.

  7. Semi-sweet chocolate chips.

  8. She asks if she can make the cookies. I say yes, and then tell her to add the flaky sea salt on top. “Mise en place!” I shout to her. “I know!”

  9. Turns out, I just don’t like chocolate chip cookies.

  10. “I don’t feel bad about feeling happy. And neither do you. Because you’re happy.”