Ten.Five Hundred & Forty-Three

  1. 7:48 am.

  2. I put on my comfy boots and leather coat. The sun is shining. It’s a 12 minute walk to the salon.

  3. I don’t have hair. I ask her to do whatever she can to make it work so that I just don’t have to do my hair tomorrow.

  4. We make it work while watching Travelers.

  5. The walk back is even warmer. I’m walking straight into the sun. Instagram story because it really is so good. Sunshine. Walking. Hairs did by a black woman that I didn’t even have to drive to.

  6. Day three of no caffeine. I like doing this. Sometimes I like feeling the fatigue. Plus, this kind of rest means that the cold that was knocking on the back door of my throat has gone away. Honor the need for rest.

  7. Nap.

  8. I snap the ends off the beans. No, really. I am so happy.

  9. Ferrucci Carlotto 2017 Schiava.

  10. Flashcards tomorrow.