Ten.Five Hundred & Forty-Five

  1. Waves crashing. Light creeping in through the slats.

  2. Reheat the muffins. No one is eating them. I grab a small bowl of chex and some flax milk, a stack of cook books.

  3. He’s angry about having to go grocery shopping. I don’t blame him, really. Grocery shopping is my least favorite chore.

  4. I catch myself asking for what I want before asking her how she’s doing. I stop. Make eye contact and smile and ask her how she’s doing today. A little bit of kindness. A little bit more civility even when all I want to do is get the chore done.

  5. The light.

  6. Face lifted up to the sun. The inside of my eyes glow red.

  7. I don’t miss having my phone today. I want to remember how freeing this feels.

  8. It’s too bad this babysitter has to go back to Irvine for college, but she’ll be a good fit for next Wednesday.

  9. Mortal Kombat. I think of how many times my brother and I played this game together. I want to text him but I can’t. Because the phone is broken.

  10. Yeah, freshly vacuumed floors and clean counters really do make me feel good. It’s the little things.