Ten.Five Hundred & Forty

  1. 7:30 is too late. She comes in saying that needs waffles.

  2. I feel a bit of a cold coming on. I’ll keep it to one coffee today.

  3. Overcast morning but the sky is still bright. A soft glow over everything.

    4. Unravel Your Year.

    5. I think all the way way back to January and just how full the year was for me. This was a year big things: big hurts and big dreams and big transitions. I made it through. Vision is a powerful thing.

    6. Next year: more gratitude and joy. More devotion to the work that wants to be done.

    7. Lunette. 

    8. An unsatisfiable hunger. 

    9. Chimichurri can really go on anything.  

    10. Note to self: get sparkling wine for tomorrow’s late night wrapping session.