Ten.Four Hundred & Ninety-Six

1. 4 am. Getting better.

2. He’s hungry. I don’t blame him. Our days have been so odd. Rhythms are non-existent. 

3. Hotel breakfast. The three of them in a both while he and I shop for washers and dryers and try to plan the day. 

4. The kids want to play in an empty house. I want to be out of doors.  

5. The morning light looks like afternoon light because of the smoke from the fires.  

6. Can’t wait for the next open spot. I suggest we head to Muir Beach instead. They don’t want to go but we insist that they’ll love it.  

7. Should have had them take off their socks and shoes. They are caked in wet sand. I actually don’t care.

8. “I’ve never felt so free.” - Dean

9. We haven’t yet pulled away and they already want to know when we can come back.  

10. I have a lot to learn. But that’s why we’re here.  

10.1 “You’re right. In-n-Out is  better than Portillo’s.” - Dash

10.2 The sky is more hazy than when we left this morning. I sign up for text alerts.  

10.3 I keep looking at the listing showing “sold.” It still doesn’t feel real. Maybe once the stuff is here and we’re back in our own car it will set in that this is not just a visit.