Ten.Four Hundred & Ninety-Nine

  1. Finally slept in.

  2. Crispy potatoes, broccolini, pesto, parmesan, scrambled eggs in a bowl. Large coffee.

  3. Where to next? Fairfield for two nights. Maybe we can squeeze in a trip to Boxcar? Bodega Bay?

  4. 816. Oh, that’s Joe. “I’m in Nevada now. I’ll be there Wednesday morning.” Relief. Only two more nights in the hotel. What else do I need before we move in? Contact paper, cleaning supplies, order the washer and dryer, register the kids on Thursday.

  5. Sand everywhere in the trunk.

  6. They take off their socks and play tag in the empty rooms. I consolidate and repack one back for the next two nights of hotel stay. Now on to Fairfield.

  7. The drive feels shorter than the 50 minutes it says it will take.

  8. I forgot the bag.

  9. Quick pizza and a Target run: underwear and a night shirt for me, wine for him.

  10. Two more days. I can make it two more days.