Ten.Four Hundred & Ninety-Four

  1. 2:37 am.

  2. Drink water. It is the new moon. An auspicious choice to move on this day.

    3. I wake the children and make them finish yesterday’s bagels. The oldest isn’t hungry. I don’t blame him.  

    4. It’s really cold.  

    5. I order 4 large coffees.  “Four large coffees? What happened?”

    6. I turn back to wave one more time. He tells me to stop looking back.   

    7. So cold. 

    8. My leggings are gray from dust and dirt. I wipe down all the baseboards and cobwebs that hid behind the larger pieces of furniture. I see new scuff marks and worry the new owners will notice them. There is no way to fully erase the evidence of living. 

    9. I feel something warm running down my cheek. I look in the mirror to see a weeping gash on the side of my eye. I walk out of the bathroom and tell him that I think I need to get stitches.  

    10. The two of them are crying and that makes me cry.  

    10.1 75 Wine Sauvignon Blanc under the covers. My head and eye still hurt. I need more sleep.