Ten.Four Hundred & Ninety-Eight

  1. 4:30 am.

  2. They are still sleeping. There might be something to these blackout shades.

  3. He tells me I’m going to run out of water before I even order. I say something about it being so dry. That we’ve moved here from Chicago. “Welcome!” he says, then adds that he moved to Oregon because it’s gotten so crowded here. “I went to a three-room school in San Ramon. Now….” I understand what he means.

  4. Donut Wheel for simple glazed donuts before we decide to head down to Monterey. Today is a good day for a drive and a visit the aquarium.

  5. Membership because holy cow the prices. Plus it gives us an excuse to come back at least one more time within the next 365 days.

  6. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the ocean.

  7. I think they take all this beauty for granted.

  8. 1985 Antinori Tignanello. A celebratory bottle in La Bicyclette. Fig, gorgonzola, walnut pizza. So cute, but so crowded. If there’s an off-season, I’ll come back then

  9. Hot pink sunset. An awesome sight but I know the spectacular color is because of the smoke and the fires.

  10. I think about what it means to be a better steward of the land I am coming to inhabit. How do I wish to be in relationship with this space?