Ten.Four Hundred & Ninety

  1. I wanted to sleep in.

  2. 6:30 grocery store run for chicken and brussel sprouts. There’s something else I should be getting but I can’t remember what it is.

  3. The way the sunlight is turning the glass on the counter into amber.

    4. “You’re giving gifts but you’re the one moving?”  

    5. I realize that most people don’t want to be seen at 9:30 am on a Saturday morning so the rest of my deliveries are quiet porch drop-offs.  

    6. I confess that I didn’t get a chance to sweep before she got there. I try not to think that this is the last time we’ll be on this couch together.  

    7. Layers of gray. 

    8. I haven’t touched a box yet today and this is probably not a good thing.  

    9. But we really do mean it that they are the best neighbors we could have ever had.

    10. Her pumpkin cake tastes like Thanksgiving. Tastes like home. Tastes like being warm in front of the fire.