Ten.Five Hundred & Two

1. The tiniest bit of morning light coming through the slats in the blinds.  

2. The kids are already awake, bowls filled with dry cereal, watching Hocu Pocus on the computer.  

3. Coffee in the corner of the couch. Now it feels like home. 

4. No reception.  

5. I try to send her a picture and then a comment but all she gets is the comment. Context is everything.

6. All the boxes and frames are gone from the living room. Chairs arranged. The space still feels too large and a little empty but it’s good enough for now.  

7. The Christmas tree will go in that corner.  

8. I could use this corner or that corner. Or even that corner.  

9. The In-n-Out is too far away for lunch so I stop on the Safeway. The lettuce is so green and the bell peppers are glowing red and orange. I touch the persimmons and then stop myself. I’ll wait for the farmer’s market on Saturday.  

10. “How far are you from Antioch?” 

10.1 What will the sky look like once the smoke has cleared?  

10.2 When was the last time I did my morning pages?

10.3 Finallt a dinner at home. Skirt steak and chimichurri with roasted potatoes and roasted broccoli. Cloth napkins. Leftover Côte-du-Rhône. Music from the speaker.