Ten.Five Hundred & Twelve

1. The sound of heat blowing through the vents.

2. More sweet potatoes in the blue bowl.  

3. The sun is coming up and I remember what she said about making space for myself. I go to the garage door and drag the iron chairs to the front alcove. I find the cushions in another box and attach them to the chairs.

4. Needs something else. 

5. I can still hear the screaming. 

6. They don’t like that they touch while sitting in the back seat.  

7. The sun feels so warm. The heat is pulsing through the black shirt. Yes. 

8. Sandwiches and chips overlooking the valley. They keep arguing over who gets to stand on what rock. 

9. He asks me if I want anything from Bouchon too. I realize that I can come whenever I want. So, no, nothing today, because I can always come back tomorrow. And I almost can’t believe it.

10. I keep forgetting about the time change.