Ten.Five Hundred & Ten

1. Quiet house. Captivated by twinkle lights. 

2. I think it’s rain but it’s actually the sound of the heat pushing through the vents.  

3. The smell of bacon.  

4. A bowl of sweet potatoes for breakfast and then coffee. I play memory at their feet. 

5. We try to find a coffee shop near by but the only one I know of is closed. And so is the bagel place so to Safeway we go. 

6. Icing for cookies and popcorn for a garland.  

7. I needed this.  

8. They’ve each decided on a shape and they take turn pressing their cookie cutter into the dough. The way they’ve been together is beautiful.  

9. Where is the void?  

10. “Is Ms. Melinda your friend?” “Yes, sweetie. Why do you ask?” “Because they feel like family.” 

10.1 I stand at the kitchen sink for the meditation. Every squeeze of the sponge is some kind of release. Pushing the mop brings me back to my body.  

10.2 I needed this.