Ten.Five Hundred & Six

1. I can feel his small hands touching the edge of the bed. It’s almost time to wake up anyway.  

2. I mean to make coffee first but my eye keeps catching all the things left out the night before: glasses and bowls and napkins and empty wine bottles.  

3. Write the to-do list. I need to start waking up before everyone else again.  

4. She asks to come with me on my errands. We buy some pillows and some flowers and persimmons.  

5. She complains that the mask is uncomfortable. It is.  

6. Bucket full of hot water and Murphy’s. I wash down the cabinets and all the doors.  

7. “Transform yourself to transform the world.”  - Emergent Strategy 

8. Like Christopher Robin I’m a little lost.  

9. I mean, I am here. But what happens next? 

10.  “I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I’ve been.” - Pooh

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